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What is Rasqoh

Do you ever read a newspaper or watch TV and feel like you are missing something? How is it that TVs manage to fit 7:00 PM news in 30 minutes every damn day? It’s like every day, just 30 minutes of newsworthy stuff happens. What is it with newspapers fitting news in 60 pages every day? The truth is, some days a lot happens and on other days, less happens. That is why we started this The Rasqoh: to bring you only the cool and nice stuff and filter out the bullshit.

6 reasons why you will fall in love with this site:

  1. The quality of writing will be high and refreshing. No more articles written by class seven drop-outs. I am not talking about The Star here.
  2. No misleading titles to trick you to click crappy articles. Yes, we are talking about Mpasho, Ghafla, and Standard Digital. Oh, aren’t they so annoying?
  3. The comments section will be democratic and there will be no admin moderation. We have installed the Facebook comments plugin in the website so you will not have to create another account to comment. Go try it for yourself.
  4. The articles will be thoughtful, insightful, and unique. We will focus on new stories rather than news stories. In any typical week 6 out of 7 newspaper, headlines talk about Raila/Uhuru/Ruto & Co. We shall avoid that kind of junk. The 2009 Census figures show there are 40 Million Kenyans. Why is the media so obsessed with only 20 or so dudes?
  5. Articles will be in the format of nice and organized lists like the one you are reading
  6. And now, the most interesting part, you will get to participate in micro-competitions to submit cool content and win money doing so.

If you are not convinced by now, there is no hope anyone will ever convince you. If you already like this thing, bookmark it, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and engage with the best community of people in our comments section.



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