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5 Things Things We Learnt About Uhuru Kenyatta From His Decision To Congratulate Museveni

#3. African Dictators Exploit Him

kenyatta museveni kagame

Presidents Kenyatta, Museveni and Kagame. Kenyatta feels more at home with such guys

When he ascended to power, Kenyatta had one debilitating weakness that African dictators quickly exploited to keep him in their debt; ICC. During his swearing in, Museveni in spite of himself having asked ICC to investigate crimes done by a rebel fighter in Uganda, lambasted ICC and the west to wild cheers from Kenyans. In the African Union, Museveni and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame have been the most vocal and consistent in supporting Kenyatta’s ICC agenda.Robert Mugabe, who also graced Kenyatta’s swearing in a show of solidarity, has also been a strong supporter of Kenyatta’s ICC agenda in African Union (AU).

When Kenyatta assumed the presidency in 2013, it was Paul Kagame time to assume the reigns of chairmanship of the East African Community (EAC). But what did the foxy Rwandese leader do? He forewent the chance and allowed the newly elected Kenyatta to assume the chairmanship of EAC. Why would a veteran leader allow a newbie to assume the chairmanship? One word: ICC. By being the chairman of EAC, Kenyatta could pull a lot of clout and possibly shake off the ICC charges against him; it worked. Also its Rwanda that spearheaded Kenya’s effort to push the UN Security Council to defer ICC cases against Kenyatta and Ruto (Rwanda was one of the countries with a seat at the 15 member UN Security Council)

In short, Kenyatta owes a lot of favors to a lot of African dictators for what they did for him at his hour of need. It is therefore naïve to expect him to abandon Museveni at a time he needs to legitimize his grabbed rule. It is the same story with Kagame, who recently changed the constitution to extend his already long rule; not a word was heard from Kenyatta. President Mugabe is due for election sometimes soon, you should expect Kenyatta to be the first to congratulate him. And they love him because he is young and has a favorable image abroad. Therefore, they use him to cleanse their image. The sad thing is that Kenyatta still needs these people to help him unhook William Ruto from the ICC menace. It is for the same reason that William Ruto helped Museveni to campaign.

#2. He Does Not Mind a “Little Rigging”

Kenya's Deputy President campaigns with President Museveni in Uganda. J

December 2015: Kenya’s Deputy President campaigns with President Museveni in Uganda.

Perhaps this extends to the entire Jubilee Alliance system. They do not mind a little corruption; they do not mind a little stealing; little injustice; a little changing the constitution;  alittle dictatorship; and they do not mind a little rigging. Which should really worry Kenyans because we are headed for an electoral cycle. Why would President Kenyatta be in such a hurry to congratulate Museveni for winning an election that the opposition has decried as sham, and all observers have labelled unfair?

Couldn’t it have be better to wait until all the issues have been sorted out. By so doing, Kenya has already taken a side in this contest. But really, this is no surprise, it only makes clearer Kenyatta’s government policy where the rule of law is only good in theory and only if it serves the personal interests of those in charge of decision making.

#1. Kenyatta Might Be a Deadbeat President

ngina and kenyatta in paris

President Kenyatta sits with Environment Minister Judy Wakhungu and Daughter, Ngina during a conference on Climate Change in Paris in December 2015

For this purpose, let’s use the definition of deadbeat from Urban Dictionary. A deadbeat is “A sorry ass man who won`t step up to the plate and be a daddy!” Basically, we are talking about a man who pursues a lady and knocks her up, but when the time comes to stand up and take responsibility for the kid born out the steamy escapades, he vamooses into thin air. That is the kind of President we have. He pursued the presidency, and enjoys fully all the trappings and privileges that come with the power, but when time comes to show leadership, he shirks the responsibility. On January 1st the Daily Nation castigated the man for not showing up at the office since he was elected. Kenyans who have spent the last few days ranting online about the injustices being done in Uganda expected their President to show solidarity with them, what did he do? He went ahead and delivered another well aimed blow below the belt.

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