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7 Annoying Habits Kenyans Should Stop Doing In Matatus


Former CEO of Safaricom, Michael Joseph, once noted that Kenyans are a peculiar lot. We are a very special breed of human beings with unique traits ranging from our looks, accents and most prominently, behaviors. Recently, we chronicled some weird things that Kenyans do when not being watched. A majority of Kenyans commute to and from their work places by public transport and this is where the bizarre Kenyan drama begins. For instance, consider those passengers who insist on boarding into a matatu even when it is full. They clearly see that there is no seat available but they come in and wiggle their huge body in between others; worse still, they talk rudely when others raise an issue with that. If the matatu is full, kindly wait for the next one. Every public transport user can attest they have encountered almost all the following bad behaviors inside a matatu.
7. Eating

eating greedily
dinner is ready

When your stomach rumbles with hunger it is a good idea to answer it. But you have to first consider the space around you. Eating should be done either in private or in an open air atmosphere; a matatu is neither of those. It is crammed with people and the air is always stuffy, this however never seems to deter some people from going ahead and turning the matatu into their dining room. They will unleash packaged meals and fill the air with aromas of fried chicken and potato chips; licking their oily fingers while all that time, being blind to the discomfort they are causing other passengers. Then there are those people who eat sugarcane; they will subject poor souls in the matatu to their noisy munching as they dig their teeth into the sugarcane and suck the juice loudly. The worst are those who spray jets of saliva your way as they spit the fibrous remainder of sugarcane. Never for one second do they ever think how disgusting their little behaviors are.
6. Bad Odor

smelly armpit
armpit check

Personal hygiene is essential for successful interaction with fellow human beings. Unfortunately, this important aspect of human existence is a lost cause for some individuals. You are there in a matatu sitting comfortably waiting for it to fill up, then in comes a man (it’s mostly men who are guilty of this crime) and immediately a fetid stench of festering sweat and human bodily emission diffuses throughout the air knocking out your senses for a few seconds. The whole vehicle starts smelling of feet, sweat and other nose numbing odors that leave your face pale without color by the time you alight. Some little perfume and a daily shower has never killed anyone guys.
5. Chatty Passengers

please tell me more
please tell me more

Have you ever sat next to someone who just cannot shut up? I have, and it was hell. Some people never know their limits; they view everyone as a willing audience to their senseless chatter. They will even see you plug in your earphones but will somehow manage to shout above the music volume. Most of the culprits love subjects bordering on politics. They will blabber about the events from the previous night news as though other passengers don’t own a TV set back at home. To make matters worse, most never brush their teeth, they assault you with pungent smells that turn your quiet journey into a mini nightmare. The best you can do is look out the window to count other cars as they pass by and cross your fingers, hoping you don’t get into a traffic snarl up.

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