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5 Gifts Your Man Would Really Love On Valentine’s Day

#3. Watch his team with him

black couple

Half time

Happily and sadly, Valentine’s Day  falls on a Sunday this year, which means there will be a lot of football action. This could turn out to be a mood spoiler if he insists on taking a break away from you on that evening to go watch football. On the other hand, you also have a really good chance of impressing him that Sunday. Here is a simple guide; Arsenal will be playing Leicester. Manchester City will be playing Tottenham and Liverpool will be playing Aston Villa. There will be other good games outside the EPL your man could be watching too. Do it with him and cheer his team till your lungs bursts. Spoiler Alert: Arsenal will lose; if he is an Arsenal fan, prepare for arduous foreplay, or no sex at all that night.

#2. A Different Kind of Sex

sex on the beach

Try something different

Some people measure the success of a Valentine’s Day is by one thing, the sex at the end of the day. Men are lustful creatures and the end of the night, he’ll be expecting it, hot and juicy. Sex is the one thing that will make a man be at your complete beck and call. So you must put all your heart into the preparations and into the main activity. Usually, once you get settle into a relationship, you develop a routine for sex, which you follow every time you wanna hump. This is probably why the excitement dies after the first few times, because you know what will happen.

This Valentine’s Day you can decide to get out of your sex-routine comfort zone and try something wild. We are talking consulting Kama Sutra here. You don’t have to always do it on your bed, try the bathroom (assuming you don’t share bathrooms with neighbors), or your couch, or on the carpet (not the PVC one, you might injure yourselves). Consult a sex expert if possible, or your friends to learn new things you can try out. And don’t forget to wake up the neighbors.

#1. What If Valentine’s Day is No Big Deal To Him?

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day. To some people, another Sunday

This last one here is especially for those who have been together for a long time. And of course, some men just aren’t into Valentine’s. They maybe think it’s stupid, or they are busy, or they are constrained by a certain social or religious lifestyle. Others are constantly tired and stressed, especially those with families and kids. Others are financially burdened, and would consider Valentine’s just another unnecessary expenditure.

It’s not a smart move to force your man into something he’s not into. As a good partner, you should be able to tell when your man is not excited by Valentine’s  Day.  As such, you should accept it, and go about in your lives as usual. This kind of understanding is what will build and reinforce your love and marriage.

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