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5 Gifts Your Man Would Really Love On Valentine’s Day

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14th February is Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating what we do every other day: Romance and Love. I think Valentine’s Day was created out of our love for holidays and gifts. Also, we needed to fill that holidayless void between Christmas and Easter. It’s an occasion where lovers, or aspiring lovers express their love towards each other by giving flowers, confectionary, cards and other treats.From my point of view, it’s simply a day where you spend time and money trying to make someone who may or may not love you feel better. Being single, it’s made me view this situation from an outside perspective. It’s made me realize what I’d really want for Valentine’s Day if I was in a relationship. Here we go.

#5. A Nice Home-Cooked Meal

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There is a certain savory appeal to eating home-made food. And not just home-cooked food, food that is meticulously prepared and carefully laid out. Food that entices the eyes and caresses the palate. I’m talking about that 5-Star Hotel experience right inside your dining room. That’s what you should do for your man this Valentine’s Day. Even if it means hunting down for recipes on the internet, identify your man’s favorite dish, and transform it into sex on a plate.

It won’t hurt to go all the way in creating the perfect Valentine’s Day romantic ambiance. Surprise KPLC by having a candle-lit dinner on your own terms. Wear something sexy; almost bordering on slutty. Have a bottle of his favorite beer or whisky chilling in a bucket nearby. Ask how he feels and comfort him. Men rarely receive this kind of treatment, and would welcome it with open arms. If you do it right, you will own his heart for a very long, long time.

#4. Buy Him a Powerful Toy, Gadget, or an Accessory

valentine's day giftWe live in a society where men are predominantly providers. We fully accept this responsibility, but sometimes wish it were the other way round. That we would be the ones flooding ladies’ inboxes with ‘nibuyie’, ‘nataka’, ‘aki woiye’ ‘niletee‘ and other types of such requests. But unfortunately, we are stuck in this limbo between acceptance and wishing it wasn’t us.

Indulge your imagination by buying him a nice gift. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive, it could be something he likes but wouldn’t buy it himself. There’s that shoe you know will look good on him, but he just won’t step out of his comfort zone and try it. Or that coat that will really fit into his outfit. Or a slim tie, that would match the blue his dark blue shirt. Valentine’s is the time to get him that gift.

Alternatively, men love their ‘toys.’ It started with Moses and the two tablets, and since then, there’s been no going back. And it’s no secret, women hate that. Maybe sometimes you felt he was ignoring you for the toys, or you were sharing his time and attention with the toys. Valentine’s Day is time you should really tap into his love for electronics or the toys.

I’ve heard stories of ladies buying their man a PS4, but I’ve never heard of a man who broke up with a girl who bought him a PS4. That can’t be a coincidence. It doesn’t have to be a PS4, something within your means. A powerful phone or tablet, if you can afford it. A nice pair of headphones. A sexy gaming pad; An accessory for his car; Those card-shaped flash disks; A game; you name it. Men can’t resist anything that consumes power.

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