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6 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You Are Single (Kenyan Men)

It is a bizarre and baffling sight to see a man who is unattached to any woman in this day and age. In a world where there are enough women to go around for every man, it raises both eyebrows and questions when an eligible bachelor continues being a bachelor year after year, with no signs of ever settling down. Strange as it seem there are scores of men out here who just can’t seem to hit it with members of the fairer sex despite having everything going on for them. So the question that comes up is, what are the things that make a man fly solo for so long with no hope of coupling up in the horizon?

6. Unrealistic Expectations

GUY SITTINGContrary to popular dispositions, that abound about men, some among our species harbor some very lofty expectations of women. They are more meticulous with minuscule details than precision engineers.  They insist on a woman that can whip all meals imaginable; this coming from a person who cannot even boil milk to save his goddamned life. They will demand top of the shelf chapatis despite the fact that they have been raised on boiled legumes and root tubers.

These type of men will want a woman who has Meagan Good’s looks, Beyonce’s bust, Sidika’s butt yet they themselves look like something that was created on an experimental basis. How do you demand a 10 when you are a 3 heavily leaning towards a 2? Having standards is good but they need to show some consistency and correlation with the one making these demands.

5. You are Too Feminine.

metro sexualHard men gone soft, the city is running full of them. Once upon a time in the so not distant memory, standards of masculinity was a non-debatable issue. There were ways in which men were supposed to carry themselves; any sign of weakness was seen as a taboo. However, that has done changed. Now we have a new breed of men who out-dress, out-shop, out-talk and over react more than women. I have heard them being referred to as Metro-sexual men. You will find them at a pedicure parlor having their nails clipped and hair pampered. You will spot a shiny gloss of lipbalm on their lips and most often than not, they are ever on top of the latest trendy fashions.

Looking good and fashionable is not bad for a man, it shows consciousness and an effort to go that extra mile to stand out, but it must have a limit. A relationship needs a man and a woman, not a woman and a bearded lesbian. You have to be the man and allow the woman to be the woman. She is already in competition with other women out there, she doesn’t need to come to another beauty race in the relationship. Women love their men hard with all their rough edges, they don’t want a man who smells of lavenders and peaches!!.

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