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5 Ways Modern Kenyan Parents Are Doing Parenting Wrong

Singer Wahu and daughter. And below Nameless and his family. Model young family. They have managed to keep their children off the limelight in spite of their celebrity status

Time alters perspectives, behaviours and memories as it progresses. Life in the 90s is not the same as life now.  Some of the changes have been good, take technology, for example. You can chat with your friends who are hundreds of miles away while ignoring people you are in the same room with. Nevertheless, other important aspects of life that have suffered with time, the biggest victim being Parenting. There are so many wrong things that modern parents do that can leave anyone shocked beyond words. Here are 5 wrong things that modern parents do.

5. Sending Toddlers to Boarding Schools

double decker beds in schoolCalling people who take little kids to boarding schools parents is an insult to parenthood, these are nothing but self-centred, selfish dunderheads who just happened to have kids. The day I saw a 7yr old being shipped off to a boarding school in my area, I was shocked beyond words. There are so many joys people get when they interact with their children on a daily basis from a young age.  As soon as a baby is born and is able to recognise its parents, they become a source of security for the baby. Every time babies sees their parents, they light up like a Christmas tree. When kids are sad, they seek their parents for comfort, just the mere presence of the parents at home calms them. Now imagine a parent taking their little child to a boarding school where they only see them once every month for a whole school term. What kind of savagery is that? Do you have any idea how important that regular parent-child contact is? A child needs to grow up from home until they reach 14years, during this period he/she will experience all sides of their parents, know them inside out and learn things they will later use when they themselves become parents in future. That slap a child receives from a parent at home helps him/her more than that scolding he/she gets from that overburdened teacher at that boarding school.

Many parents of this calibre always use their tight schedules at work as an excuse to send their child to a boarding that early, sacrificing their helpless child at the altar of career progress. The first 14 years of my life were my favourite, the laughter, the discipline, the fights with my siblings; they build me and made me ready for that boarding life in secondary and beyond. Don’t take away this very vital growing phase from your child, you are destroying his/her life. When you decide to have children, they become your number one priority

4. Single Parenting

single parents. caroline mutoko and daughter

Former Kiss 100 presenter, Caroline Mutoko and her daughter

I have nothing against single parents. I am referring to those that are single by choice, not because of the death of a spouse. I know how situations come up that make it hard for two people to be there for their child. But I also know that every situation is a consequence of a choice. Getting pregnant is never an accident, it is always preceded by a choice, a choice of having unprotected sex with the full knowledge that both of you are fertile adults. The problem starts when the child is born and is forced into a situation that is beyond its control, forcing the child to grow up in a world with no constant male figure to look up to all because the two people who brought him/her into the world cannot put aside their petty differences and be there for their child. The child ends up missing vital guidance and love from both parents. This is made worse when they become self-aware of their predicament and start comparing themselves to other kids who have both parents in their lives, trust me they will never grow up in a normal way no matter the efforts you as a single parent put in. Fortunately, most children that raised by strong single women come out unscathed, but they always end up struggling in future raising their own. The void left by lack of one parent is a hard one to fill up.

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