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5 Unmistakable Signs That You Are Mpango Wa Kando

young black couple mpango wa kando

Ladies pride themselves so much in their ‘ability’ to sniff a cheat from a mile away, they wear that FBI tag with much aplomb. But it is always funny when they finally find out after years in the comfort zone that they never were the only woman in their man’s life. It destroys them when it hits them that they were nothing but a mpango wa kando,  a booty call. As I write this, there is an innocent clueless woman somewhere having fantasies of her wedding with her supposed prince charming who, unbeknownst to her, has a wife and  three children to boot. Granted, there are women who knowingly enter into these mpango wa kando arrangements with married men; this is not about them. Its about those who realize later that their Mr. Right tied the knot six years ago, and she is just being used to kill marital boredom. There are some telltale signs that even the most cautious philanderer leaves behind, clues which can only be noticed by a woman who knows what she is looking for, so what are these signs?

#5. You Will Never Be Introduced, Even to The Pet Dog

mpango wa kando

Well, he might introduce you to his wife

It’s a rule, a guy will only introduce his girl to the people in his life when he sees a future with her. On average we take about 6 months to see whether that fabric in you is fit make wife material. After that, we introduce you to our friends, this later graduates to our closest siblings, then finally the parents and the rest. If after a year the only person you have met is his landlord, and pet dog, and he is showing no sign of even inviting you one day to chill with his boys, then you, my dear lady, are a side dish. When we like a girl, we are ever itching to flaunt her around, so you can clearly see where you belong if he is bent on making you a classified asset. To confirm this, just suggest meeting his friends and watch his reaction.

#4. No Random Dates or Calls; Everything is Planned Well in Advance

reject callsYou know that feeling you get when you are in love with someone where you just want to surprise your beloved man with an unannounced visit, or a call. Well, if that call goes unanswered or that unannounced visit is met by a padlock on his door then you, my dear, are a side chick. When he is the one that does the calling, but doesn’t pick your calls then, obviously he has things he is trying to hide, maybe that random call you placed last night reached him while he was teaching his 5 year old daughter to write her surname. All the dates also tend to follow a certain pattern, they happen only on weekends, and at the same place, this is so because it is easier for him to run into his wife while with you if he keeps randomizing these places,and every time you suggest another place or tell him you plan to take him out too, a plethora of excuses will flow out of him, leaving you speechless. This is not nuclear science ladies, this is your guardian angel throwing  hints your way, be vigilant.

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