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5 Types of Workers Who Are A Nightmare To Their Employer

#3. The Slacker.

office slacker

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These are the lords and queens of indolence. As far as they are concerned, work is nothing but a huge unnecessary chore; they have zero motivation. They are mostly found in public offices. First they report to work late everyday with the same excuse, usually it’s about traffic. When they are sure they have escaped the wrath of the boss, they sit on their desks and log into their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to complain about how bad the traffic was and how they are looking forward to 5 pm already. Meanwhile, the work on their desks keeps piling up, by the time the lunch time break reaches, they have done zilch but they will be the first to walk out for lunch, and the last ones to come back. Then taking a refreshing siesta for another hour. All they will do after that is just touch half the work, as they countdown the hours to 5pm. By the time it hits 4pm, they shutdown their computers and sit back, tweeting about how long the day was, how they can’t wait to get back home and sleep it off. These are the type of employees that bring down a company.

#2. The Blackmailers

beware of blackmailersThe type of workers who are so good at what they do that the company literally rides on the back of their work, they are intelligent, hardworking, and innovative, what every employer dreams about. But beneath this pristine demeanor lies a snake that is so good at backbiting and blackmailing. They are the employees who send out application letters  to rival companies in an attempt to force a bigger salary package with the current employer, which is totally a normal thing to do, but the problem with this type of employees is that they use their indispensable status to play around with employers, forcing their arms in order to get what they want using blackmail. They will put an employer in a position that hurts the company no matter what decision is made, if the employer refuses their demands, then they lose an irreplaceable asset, if they give in to their demands, then the employer ends up with a monster who will keep asking for more and more, a very tricky situation indeed.

#1. The Delilahs

presenting sales report to boss

Presenting sales report to the boss

We have all read the story of Samson in the bible, the strongest man to ever walk the earth, he killed lions and bears, with one hand. But when Delilah opened her legs for him, he lost all the strength and lost his life in the end. The workplace can have a Delilah and she is the most dangerous thing a male employer can ever want to meet in his life. They are very beautiful, always smiling at the employer when he passes by, always knocking on the employer’s door to ask for nothing in particular, all they are looking for is just a chance to sway their seductive hips at his face, their feminine wiles are so strong that it will take a man with a very strong mind to put their advances at bay, woe unto the employer that falls for that because she will turn the whole situation into a blackmail exercise, she will demand a  salary increment, insane holidays and make  other outrageous demands failure to which the employer will be threatened with an expose to his wife. So when you see your boss avoiding eye contact with that pretty lass at office just know he has been bitten by that venomous snake called Delilah.

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