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5 Types of Workers Who Are A Nightmare To Their Employer

viola davis

Not News: Many workers hate their employers. In fact, we recently told you why Kenyans hate their jobs even though getting a job is difficult job in itself. Many workers see their employer as a villainous overlord who is out to get them. What many people miss is the glaring fact the employer is human too. What is even worse, some of these employers are subjected to horror experiences at the workplaces at the hands of their employees. The workplace can be hell to an employer especially when he has to deal with the following type of employees.

#5. The Activist

we demand to be taken seriosulyThe harbinger of trouble, in biblical terms, this type of employee could be compared to the horseman of death. This type of worker is smart, but uses that brilliance in a wrong way. They know the labour laws inside out and will never pass an opportunity to milk the boss dry if he/she missteps. They are meticulous to details, if that office tea delays by a minute, or comes a degree less hot, then they will be filing a complaint at Atwoli’s office. They are smooth with the tongue too, they can start an uprising at the office with a tap of their fingers and there is nothing the boss can do. It turns to hell when that activist is a woman who turns everything into a sexual harassment claim. If the employer’s eyes linger on any part of her for more than 2 seconds the office gets turned into a FIDA forum. The worst part however, is the scary realisation that it’s hard to fire such a worker because the fallout ends up being a very tedious and expensive court case that has a high probability of ending in employee’s favour. The best an employer can do when dealing with such is just pray.

#4. The Wasteful Worker

Wasting resiurces

‘I just need to photocopy my face”

This is the type of employee who feels like the company owes her/him, they will never be content with the salary they get, so to compensate for that void they deliberately decide to lay to waste any company’s resource they can lay their hands on. They will use the office internet to stream everything they can manage, after all, the employer will foot the bill at the end of the month. That office tea that comes around at 10am, they make it a habit to lump several extra spoons of sugar, blind to the fact that they are also hurting their own goddamn health too. They are the type of workers who carry things from the office, that new roll of toilet paper ends up in their handbag, that coffee dispenser gets broken every week, and they will still demand their full salaries at the end of the month, if an employer tries to hold them accountable by deducting the damages from their salaries, then it becomes a labour issue. Good news is, getting rid of such breed of employees is easy.

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