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5 Things You Can Do To Attract A Swarm of Suitors Online.

#3. Flow Against the Tide

flow against the tideStand out. Be different. Being different is what wins the hearts of many men and women. Make sure the things you say are crude, sick, funny, incredible, fantastic, or downright stupid. For all its worth, just avoid saying mediocre stuff.  Social media is a field to create illusions and you can be whomever you want to be online. Just think outside the box. People will probably hate you for what you comment or post, but they will surely be curious to know who you are personally. When people say ‘let us support France,’ for example, even if you share in their sympathy for the turmoil France faced, just say something contrary to their opinion. After all, no debate would be fun if we all said yes.

#2. Be the First to Know and Share Information

breaking news

Be the first to know and spread such news

It is called creating dependency. Humans are hardwired to look for and share new information. Since people are constantly looking to hear what’s new, they are definitely bound to hit your inbox. Make sure you are subscribed to CNN, Al Jazeera, Standard media, Nation media, and all informative media outlets on and offline. It is obviously a lot of work since you have to read a lot and watch a lot of stuff.  But to be a dependable source, you have to scavenge everywhere for new info. Another strategy would be to acquire a niche. For instance, you can become an online authority on cows; tell them about the newest breed, the new cow disease, the best techniques for milking cows on rainy days etc. If you talk about celebrities, tell them about what size 8 did with her DJ baby daddy, or which celeb we need to watch, who is going down, who is going up etc. You can also become a fashion guru, though that would require you to invest in good outfits.

#1.Live A Flashy Life Online

steve mbogoThis is especially true for guys. With this  damned economy, girls want a bit of financial security. If you are a man for example, be a traveler. Take pictures of your boss’s first class air tickets to Amsterdam. Or take pictures at those fancy city restaurants, and a few more picture leaning on your boss’ car. For the ladies, you can also attract higher quality men by showing a bit of classiness.  Show the world your new Mac makeup kit. Take photos of Villa Rosa Kempinski rooms whenever you pop in to say hi to your buddy who works as room service there. Of course all said and done, you have got to act the part.

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