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5 Things You Can Do To Attract A Swarm of Suitors Online.

steve mbogo

Are you reading this? Well, you are part of Kenya’s cyber community? The internet is a good thing, because now we can share pictures of our terrible clothing and even worse cooking with hundreds of people at one go.  Also who doesn’t like online Cat videos of pussycats rolling and playing with balls and wearing sweaters. That brings me to my topic; getting suitors online and also getting a good following on social media. For a certain age group, hunting for mates is a full time job. Social media has made dating easy, even for people who have the face of Mugabe.This is how you can make your sorry life a bit exciting online and get a coffee date in the least.

#5. A Nice-Looking Profile Picture

huddah monroe

A good profile picture

It is very crucial you put up something appealing to the masses. Number one rule for any marketer is you have got to market yourself first. Make them ogle at you. If you are a guy, a shirtless picture would do, but please don’t do it if your six pack has morphed to a one pack or your moobs are popping. You have to work out before you pose for the camera. Sit ups do the trick, am told. If you are a mini Rick Ross, flashy clothes and a good set of accessories such as gold coated watches that stopped working on their manufacturing date, heavy chains, and big rings could make you a topic for the girls looking for sponsors. If you are a girl, it is very simple. The lesser you put on, the bigger your fan following. Again, just one small condition; You need to have a Naomi Campbell body. If you have a Nicky Minaj body though, you are the luckiest girl.

#4. Steal Smart Quotes and Wise Stories

steal quotesThe internet has become a society of some sorts; making the world a global village, where humor is shared, ideas stolen and stories retold. There is even a name for people who live in this cyber world; netizens. My point here is simple. To be wise and mature like me is a magnet to all netizens. People are attracted to smart people. Even if look you like god or a goddess, but sound like a dumb cow, its all in vain. You will just be good for the pictures, because nobody wants the burden of explaining everything to you when watching a movie. You want a suitor online? Be creative with words, or if you are not as creative, you can simply Google, “smart quotes”. You have to make a scene with what you say online. Keep people amazed at your level of intelligence.  Say things like, ‘the weather in Dubai is quite incomparably terribly horrible.’Thank me later.

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