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5 Things That Tell You She is NOT The One

black couple in bed

The million dollar question that every Kenyan man always finds himself asking, “Is she the one? Or is she not the one?” Before Mark Zuckerberg destroyed human interaction with his Facebook invention, that question used to be a matter of simple observation. Back then, good girls filled every corner of the city, then social media happened and the script was flipped right on its head.

So back to the question, how do you tell she is NOT the one? Apart from the obvious posterior aesthetic properties, what makes a man untick all the boxes and just NOT  want to fertilize all a woman’s eggs?  There are lots of little things that a man with a good eye can look out for in a woman in less than 10 minutes. So what are they?

5. Her Hands

long intricate nails

A woman’s hands can tell you half her story without her opening her mouth, I am talking about texture and size of the nails. I am talking about the skin color in relation to the hue of other parts of her body. Just like hips, hands never lie. If the size of her nails is approaching apocalyptic lengths, run in the opposite direction. Long nails say loud things. For starters, you can forget about her ever doing your laundry. Those nails cost a fortune to maintain to that level of intricate sophistication. Secondly, you can forget regular meals at home because cooking is a hazard to the survival of the nails. I am sure a life of living off take-away meals does not rank so high on any man’s bucket list.

Very soft hands mean she might be a pampered princess, the type that give you that look when you show them the kitchen. The type that quote the price of a washing machine when you show them your pile of dirty clothes. That is not a strong woman, there will come a time when you will need your woman to step up and handle things for you, the above-described women do not fit that bill. Look the other way.

4. Her Make Up

black girl make up
These are not enough.I need at least three more brushes

Some women walk around with faces that look like they crushed into a container full of crayons. Colors spreading out from one earlobe to another like she is on her way to a face-painting fair. The more the make-up on her, the higher the chance you are dealing with a psychopath. I mean how would you commit your life to a person who shaves off her eyebrows so that she could redraw them back on? You see, the main objective of using make up is to enhance the beauty that is already there, not to substitute the whole face with a new mask. Too much make up screams self-esteem issues and that is one burden you do not want to carry for the rest of your days in this short life.

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