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5 Stupid Things We Should Stop Doing In 2016

bad year for kenya Lets hope we shall not see such headlines in 2016

The best thing about 2015, is that it has already expired.  I can sit here and cry over this but 2015 is done. Finished. Kaputt, and as our wahenga put it “Yaliyopita si ndwele, tuyagange yajayo”. Personally as a Kenyan, I was not entirely happy with 2015. It was a year wrought with so much negativity that it’s hard to spot any silver lining; the good things that happened are few and scattered. As is the norm, we humans love using a new year as the catalyst for change and better things, we draw up resolutions promising to be better than the previous year, although that rarely works. As a citizen who has the interests of this beautiful country at heart, there are things  that I wish to not see in 2016.

5. Joking Around With God’s Name

is god dead


Kenyans in 2015 decided to insult God in ways that are shocking. Unscrupulous merchants of religion posing as God’s chosen emissaries used God’s name to mint millions in broad daylight with no tinge of remorse. Miscreants like Kanyari and his vile lies were exposed on national TV manufacturing fake miracles for gullible Kenyans who, unfortunately, have very limited access to common sense. Kanyari wasn’t alone, another miscreant worth a mention was that Ng’ang’a fella who killed an innocent woman in a hit and run and had the guts to deny the whole thing despite there being several witnesses to the crime. He even got on national TV to argue out his case using some version of English that could make the Queen’s ears bleed.

The so called gospel artistes also had their fair share of hypocrisy. Tales of beef and song stealing were all over the tabloids. One Bahati Tena alleged that some Willy guy had  jacked some of his songs. A  certain Denno also came out with claims of being swindled out of royalties, by a certain Daddy Owen for their joint collaboration song, Mbona. Mbona? Why all these controversies? If Gospel artistes lived up to their name, they would be blessing us with spiritual food everyday but instead they only choose to vie for the attention of internet gossip tabloids,  competing over who has the most expensive video, or who is sleeping with who. Is this gospel or gospelpreneurship?

4. Dumb Journalism

tony gachoka drunk

Drunk on air

In media circles, 2015 was a case of Dumb and Dumber, and to be honest, the competition was so stiff that we should consider announcing them all winners. I don’t even know who to start with, let’s see, that guy who fries his hair and pulls his face everytime he opens his mouth, with his knack for ‘interviewing’ people like  Ben Gethi, who have been implicated in serious crimes. The way he asks them well rehearsed questions. Or that media house that couldn’t wait to interview the killer pastor that run over a woman, they had him on air even before the prosecutor knew what was going on. Or could the award go to the journalists who just sit and scroll through twitter for breaking news? I hope in 2016 we shall have journalists who do what their job description says and not just a bunch of tight skirt wearing models with make up heavier that  the contents of their heads.

In line with this, I also hope all these radio stations will drop presenters using that retarded naija accent, it was never funny in the first place. I also hope they change their content, we are tired of listening to two grown ass fully bearded men taking calls from women in the morning discussing private matters that neither build nor help the nation. If you have nothing intelligent to say, then play non stop music, it’s not that hard, spare us your brainless mumblings, we already have Duale for that.

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