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5 Reasons Why Social Media Is A Big Deal for Kenyans.

huddah monroe Huddah Monroe doing her thing on Instagram

IT started so innocently. But social media has grown into a behemoth. As as our recent analysis of Top 9 Things Kenyans are Doing Online  showed, social media sites are by far the most visited online platforms in Kenya. For instance, when it comes to hook ups, dating sites are nothing compared to social media. It’s about getting in touch and getting to touch. Casual s*x these days is a click and a lol away. it starts with a simple ‘ssup’ message. Of course people have always found a way to use the latest technology to satisfy their libidinous needs. Look at the internet for example. It started as a way to communicate before we found a way to stash millions of p**n pictures and videos in there. Equally, social media started as a thing to connect friends till Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe came along and wondered, “what would happen to this online thingy if i posted my nud3 booty ?” Well, apart from being an avenue for satisfying libidos, there are some other reason social media is a big deal for Kenyans.

5. Friendships are Maintained or Lost Online

"Comment on my status before I comment on yours'
“Comment on my status before I comment on yours’

A few years ago, a friend was someone who laughed at you when you fell down. That guy who poked fun at you for the faces you made when the teacher gave you a good whack in class.  Well, Kenyans have redefined what being friends is all about. Facebook, Twitter and, Instagram are where friends are now found. If you are Insta-famous, you are the real deal. Friendships are now based on the concept of online barter trade. We trade likes for likes, comments for comments and retweets for retweets. Why are we even friends if you cannot like my boring updates or my copy pasted jokes?  A girl will update a status and then text all the 379 people on her contact list including her dad telling them to like her new picture on Facebook. That’s what friends are for in 2015.

4. Showing off

humble brag
The key here is to make it seem like you are suffering

Because people always want to feel like they are ahead of the pack, this is a major activity on social media. As we revealed a few days ago, for this generation, real life status depends on social media status. There are those people who do it for the sake of just bragging. But some clever people have now mastered the art of humble-bragging. This is when you make a modest self-deprecating statement whose intention is to brag. For instance, someone says, “No lights in Muthaiga. I hate living here”. (Hint; they don’t hate living there; they just want you know they live there).

But majority fall in the category of plain shows offs.  People wake up at six to tweet about their grind and then head back to sleep. Its about how many hashtag you come up with. We post our food, our nail art and our events like #MourningAtFuneral! Or #TakingAStroll.  It’s so serious that we even have to take selfies of proof just to make sure that no one doubts that we are actually at a funeral. And why do I even need to know you are walking? Humans do that.  These days you do not have to hire a photographer to take a good picture then scan it and post it online in a cyber, all you need is a good camera phone and your Facebook app and you are good to go. If you want to be famous then you have to be updating people of your whereabouts and whatabout every few hours #MakeKnown.

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