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5 Reasons Why CORD is NOT A Better Alternative To Jubilee


On March 4th 2013, I along with 5 million other Kenyans voted for Raila Odinga’s CORD to form the next government, which was not be, as the Jubilee Alliance narrowly won the contest. Many Jubilee supporters claimed they were voting for the lesser evil, but evidently, this government has outdone itself in its competition with the devil for the crown of evilness. The only way Jubilee could be more evil was if they appointed Lucifer to be secretary to the cabinet. Majority of Kenyans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current regime and many have made up their mind to vote it out in the next general election. But the million dollar question is, who is the better alternative? The most obvious answer to that is CORD. CORD as the official opposition party is the de facto alternate government. While some see CORD as the solution to the shambles orchestrated by Jubilee, I disagree. CORD is not the answer; they are another Jubilee in waiting, if not worse. Here is why.

5. CORD is a Tribal Alliance

Man, Tumeshoka kabisa. Tired of doing tribal arithmetic
Man, Tumeshoka kabisa. Tired of this tribal math BS

Just like Jubilee, CORD is a constellation of parties whose strategy is based on tyranny of numbers. There is ODM which is primarily a Luo party. There is Wiper, essentially a Kambaland party. Then there is FORD Kenya, a Luhya vehicle. This mimics Jubilee’s strategy. Jubilee came to power by bringing together the Kalenjin and Gema tribes, whose sheer numbers helped them to overcome CORD in the last election. Clearly, both CORD and Jubilee use tribal tactics to win power, take away that tribal card and you are left with two parties without a plan for Kenya and its citizens. In 2002, Raila and Ngilu were together, in 2013 they were on opposing sides. Ruto and and Uhuru were on opposite sides in 2007, now they are matching ties, cufflinks and shoes. CORD winning the next election will make no difference, you will just be swapping one tribal king for another; a leader who has to choose between serving Kenyans or pleasing his allies.

4. Just Like Jubilee, CORD Condones Politics of Hate

Why can’t the sheep vote one of their own?

Politicians across the divide share one common trait; a loose mouth that is several steps ahead of their brains.  A few months ago, Jubilee’s Moses Kuria, speaking in his native dialect, asked his constituents to use machetes he had given them to slash people who were fighting the government. This was immediately met with calls for his neck from CORD. They called press conferences and milked the situation by painting the government as a hotbed of miscreants. Jubilee politicians came to the defence of their compatriot just as was expected, nothing was done. It all died down.

A few months later, CORD’s George Aladwa,  took to the podium and opened his mouth to spew hate filled sewage on live TV. Jubilee politicians didn’t waste a moment, a press conference was hastily called and they thumped their chest calling for the immediate arrest of Aladwa. They too milked the situation dry. As was expected, CORD came to the defence of their own. The part that shocked me most however, was how the leader of the opposition refused to even show the littlest of remorse regarding the vitriol spewed in his name. He instead chose to defend his party member. Give him power and watch these 5 years replicate themselves with Jubilee on the other side. CORD and Jubilee are two sides of the same coin.

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