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5 Petty Behaviors That Ruin Kenyan Weddings

#3. Gatecrashers Dressing Inappropriately

serena williams gatecrashing weddingsGate crashing is not that much of a crime, there is no harm in a stranger wanting to take part in your life defining moment. As far as I know, most African weddings always have more food than the people could handle, but the problem with gate crushing is turning up to an event you were not invited to dressed up like a common thug or slut. Some people put their all in planning the details of their weddings; matching colors and all so that the pictures come out perfect, yet there you are in a pair of jeans and a Kenya Power promotion t-shirt looking like you just came out of a night shift and needed a place to eat. A wedding is a once in a lifetime affair, so if it is gatecrashing please have the decency to blend in, dress appropriately. Then don’t make it so obvious that you are there just for the food, most gatecrashers sit at the back during the sermon, but are the fast to rush out to make a beeline for the food, be civilized.

#2. Guests Wanting To Outshine The Bride

betty kyalo and denis okari wedding

Its the bride’s day. Let her have it

Women are the culprits here. There are some members of the female species who live for the attention, always on the front line trying to get the spotlight even on a day so special to another person. First, they pull up to the scene dressed in the most provocative attires they could find, short minis with their curvy thighs popping out turning heads everywhere they go. This is usually accentuated with some eye catching headgear, and they cap their performance with high heels, walking into the church late, with the heels pounding on the concrete floor as they catwalk to their seats, making sure the attention is on one else but them. Weddings are a big deal for the bride, it is the one day where she expects, and rightly deserves, the world to revolve around her. As far as she is concerned, all the other people are just sideshows, so turning up to a wedding attempting to outdo the bride is a crime. It’s not your day, calm your little devil down. And ladies, never wear white to a wedding, white is for the bride and bride only.

#1. Bringing Spoilt Children to the wedding.

ruined weddings cakeThere is nothing wrong with bringing your child to a wedding, but it is a disaster if the kid in question has no manners. The last thing you would want to see at your wedding is a bunch of children running around during the all important sermon with their parents just looking on doing absolutely nothing. In a wedding I was covering some weeks ago, a kid actually tried to grab the cake from where it had been placed in a tent. It was only the quick reflexes of an adult who was close that the whole situation was saved. I couldn’t imagine the aftermath of having the cake destroyed by some little mannerless imp. If you have to take your child to a wedding then kindly keep that creature on a leash.

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