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5 Online Scams Kenyans Should Watch Out For In 2016

#3. Airtime Stealing Scams

Safaricom airtimeThis is the most subtle of scams. Have you ever loaded airtime into your phone only for it to disappear into thin air, and upon investigation, the culprit is not the usual suspect, Safaricom. To your dismay, you discover you are mysteriously subscribed to those SMS services that charge 30 bob a text. This is a result of Quiz Scams lying all over the internet.

Maybe you didn’t pay attention, but somewhere an animated Ad told you you could win an iPhone 6, and once you clicked on it, proceeded to ask you a cheap question, like what is the capital city of Kenya. Like the big idiot you are, you ace it and proceed to the next page, where there’s a field for entering your phone number. From there, the procedure gets blurry as they’ve already acquired your phone number, and the next thing you see is funny texts in your phone and big dents in your credit balance. Avoid those iPhone 6 offers or cheap questions you meet as you browse the net. You can’t afford to trust anyone on the internet

#2. Dating Schemes

online dating

Love is in the air

For a certain generation of Kenyans, meeting people offline is unheard off. But you can take this to the bank, there is no Kenyan dating site, page, app, or any other platform on the internet that will deliver the convenience, anonymity and security required in online dating. Not one. That’s bad news for those who are looking for love, or the quick fix to complement a boring marriage. Be it Penzitamu, KenyanCupid or the entire assortment of Facebook accounts and pages that promise romance to love-starved desperados.

The thing with these dating sites is, they will not hide their true intentions. They will bluntly tell you to pay a certain sum before you are hooked up with a choice partner. As both love and lust are equally compelling drives, you will send the money via M-pesa, and then you will never hear from them again. And if you call the number, your number will be blocked, or a voice with an accent synonymous with the central part of the country will tell you to add more money to overcome a sudden unforeseen complication. Don’t trust this lot. For all singles, bachelors, sugar-mummies, sugar-daddies, sponsor wannabees, sponsored wannabees, do all your dating physically, it’s harder but safer.

#1. Hacking Emails and Social Media

hacking emailTechnically it’s called phishing. Although not very prevalent in Kenya, phishing scams are still a real threat. People have reported cases of hacked accounts, ranging from Facebook or Paypal, and money to the tune of millions stolen. Phishing attacks are very simple. You receive an email telling you your Facebook account is unsecure, and a link to click to fix it. You do, and it takes you to a clone of a Facebook website, where you enter your account details to login, in so doing handing that information to the scammer.

It’s not just theft, kidnappings, identity theft and other sorts of crime have been tied to phishing schemes. You must therefore always be on the lookout for questionable links and web pages that are unnecessarily fixated on your personal details like your name, your address, your phone number and such. And if you see a strange email in your inbox, read it but DON’T click on any fishy link.

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We wish you a scam free 2016.

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