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5 Irritating Things We Should Stop Doing On Social Media

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Social media has grown into something no one expected, we all knew it would transform communication and interaction but we just couldn’t get the bigger picture.  But it has become apparent now how huge an influence it has on the daily lives of the tech savvy section of the population. Anyway, Kenyans have outdone themselves in utilizing social media. In the process, some worrying behaviors and trends have cropped up. Some are annoying to the point where you just want to smash your phone against the wall.  They include:

5. Rumor Mongering

gossiping-girlsWith the virtual anonymity that social media has accorded most people, some have decided to make full use of this in the most despicable ways imaginable. Hiding behind the keyboard, using a fake name and a fake picture, users of social media have turned these sites into a hotbed of rumors and slander. They start false allegations against other users, mostly the prominent ones and fan the rumor mill with the aim of staining the reputation of the said users. This type of behavior is usually driven by malice and hatred, mostly by people with old scores to settle. They will use blogs to write all manner of slanderous material using conveniently ‘cooked’ evidence like screenshots and videos to carry out their despicable atrocities. Social Media was meant to be a place of fun and exchanging ideas and information, but as it is with human beings we always find a way of turning every good thing into a travesty.

4. ‘Human Rights’ Activism

KEYBOARD WARRIORSI have nothing against fighting for the oppressed and the maligned. I have no problem with human rights activists using social media to advance their cause, what I have a problem with is some self proclaimed activists using social media to gain fame and publicity instead of drawing attention to the causes they purport to support. These ‘activists’  will, out of boredom I presume, stir trouble where there really is none and then take full advantage of the whole situation to get likes, retweets, and public sympathy on social media. They get so dramatic in the hope that they make it into prime time news or better yet hit the jackpot i.e. appearing on the trend. You see, human activism is not about impressing the masses, it is about fighting for the masses, it is not an audition for a celebrity reality show, so kindly stop using people’s misery to scale the wall of fame. You are being worse than a parasite. Tenda wema nenda zako, nobody needs to know you helped. Don’t go looking for a pat on the shoulder like a dog that just fetched a bone without being asked to.

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