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5 Crucial Facts You Must Know About El Nino In Kenya

One African Proverb I really like says, “No Matter How Powerful A Man Is, He Cannot Make The Rain To Fall On His Farm Alone.” Human beings like to think they has tamed nature, but when a pissed off mother nature decides to humiliate man, the result can be catastrophic. What would you say if a random person told you that in a few weeks, droplets of cold water from the sky will be be murdering people, killing livestock, uprooting and carrying off whole houses, and generally plunging the country into an unrelenting level of flooding? You would probably look at the person, log in to Facebook or Twitter and lament how nowadays the world is full of weirdos and freaks. But that is exactly what is going to happen, if the scientific predictions are correct. That is a big IF. TV sirens and studio weather analyst have been very busy over the last few days exchanging ignorance on national TV for the benefit of absolutely nobody. As usual, the good people at have once again decided to save the day and share with you what everyone else has not bothered to say about this murder weapon hanging precarious in the clouds.

5. It Will Be a Major Disaster

kenya el nino map
Areas marked dark green show places not safe to live. Tyranny of el nino.Pic Courtesy of Kenya Meteorological Dept

Recently, we explained that the earth has a design flow. This engineering flaw causes the planet to regularly hurl a doozy that wipes out a large chunk of its inhabitants and destroying a lot of what humans see as their dominion. It’s about time. As yet, nobody knows why el nino happens, but at least, they can attempt to predict it. Going by the memes and funny pics doing rounds on social media, its difficult to know what Kenyans are anticipating. But for sure, if it comes, it will be a disaster. El nino is a Spanish name meaning Little Boy. However, the effects of the phenomenon are not that little. Combined with its sister La Nina, it is the most powerful weather phenomenon on earth with ability to change climate conditions in more than 50% of the world within a couple of months; that is more powerful than global warming.

In Kenya, the last major el nino occurred in 1997-1998. What I clearly remember about that event is the havoc it wrecked around our village. Unexpplicably, nobody at that time seemed to be prepared for such a major weather event. On the plus side, this time round, at least almost everyone knows that there is a killer lurking in the clouds. The first and most obvious problem will be flooding. The problem will be more amplified in cities like Nairobi and Mombasa due to poor drainage. Flooding, however, is only one half of the story. There are other events that will be caused by too much rain. For a start, people living in landslide-prone areas might need to move to lower or higher grounds. I am not sure where you will be safer. Landslides will be the third leading killer during this season. The second will be diseases. Malaria, dengue fever, rift valley fever, typhoid, cholera, and water borne diseases like bilharzia will multiply by a big factor. The meteorology has also warned people in places like Kisii and Kisumu to be wary of bright flashes from the sky. It’s not gods taking selfies, its lighting. Yet another murder weapon dropping from the sky.  Other places will experience flush floods; this is in addition to normal flooding. Good luck dealing with two floods simultaneously.

The only beneficiaries will be gumboot, trench coat and umbrella sellers. If you are the enterprising type, you should consider hawking those around town. On an unrelated note, Maendeleo Ya Wanaume Organisation has threatened to withdraw the dude-card of any man who dares carry an umbrella during this season.

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