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4 Reasons Why Kenyans Hate The Jobs They Do

goat in pajamas Baby goats in pajamas. Its fun to muse over such things on the internet than to work

Recently, we told you about 5 High Paying Jobs In Kenya With Little Work. Of course, those jobs take many years to secure. So in the meantime, most of us are stuck in jobs we hate, with bosses we dislike, and colleagues we can’t wait to get away from. The bad thing is, even getting that job you hate is harder than you think. Remember when we did a story about the guy who earned a negative salary? You can read the story here. Many Kenyans are raised in families that have come to believe that getting good education is the key to a happy future. Kids therefore, are encouraged to study hard to book their futures through the books. This approach has left many Kenyans doings stuff  they complain constantly about. The only passion they know is a fruit. With the current economic hardship and high cost of living, everyone is scampering for any form of income,  ‘kazi ni kazi, bora unga’. is now the catch phase. You could meet a doctor who wanted to be an engineer or a teacher. This misplaced kind of career choices has created many Kenyan slaves rather than workers in the job market. These are some of the reasons why most Kenyans hate what they do for a living:-

4. It’s Hard To Find The Job You Want

looking for jobsThe rate of unemployment in Kenya is disheartening. According to the unemployment rate in Kenya is 17%, but could be as high as 40% when you factor in underemployment of misemployment, like engineers teaching physics in high school. Many graduates holding master’s degrees are out hustling in the most odd of ways, from searching for jobs online to texting the word ‘JOB’ to 2030, please do not do that. It’s a hoax. Today, people even set up companies by creating a Facebook page and becoming self-proclaimed private investigators; they don’t need to read tomes of books on how to find outlaws. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and his invention, married people are having away matches all over; so private detectives are in demand.

If you get a secure job, even if it involves taking taking pictures of Insta Babies, or pushing files, just do it. I know of a friend of mine who had a political science degree for eight years and never had the slightest idea of where to even apply for a job. He was teaching as a‘B.O.G’ teacher for those years, until he figured he should head back to college to become a real teacher instead of having so many acronyms to his esquire. Some of you might be tempted to call him dumb (I am looking at you college students), but don’t, you have no idea what it’s like in the real world. One problem we have with university courses is even the lecturers who teach them, don’t know how you can apply that knowledge. But that’s the least of their worries; they have to kutafuta unga. Be a doctor if you are smart enough , but make sure you don’t cut someone’s tongue, when they complain about how you don’t look like a real doctor.

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